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Surface Duo is available for pre-order now through the Microsoft store, with delivery tentatively scheduled for September 10th. From the pre-order screen: "Surface Duo will work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks including subsidiary and international partner networks."Price tag is a bit hefty at $1399 for the base 128GB model, or $1499 for the 256GB version.

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Applying coupon codes after the purchase? - Verizon Community

There should be some sort of "missed coupon" tool in billings bag of tricks. So far, the phone reps have not been helpful. Anyone know of the best way to handle or get this done? The Visa offer is $50 off any phone purchase. So should be worth $100 between the transactions. When you enter the code in the cart it takes it off the phone price

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How do I find the coupon code to save my voice mai

ALIMYE16, With the voice mail from CBW Productions, there isn't any special type of promotion codes; as they have specific rates for each voice mail and the format type.

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Coupon accepted but wasn't applied - Verizon Community

The total bill was going to be around $77. I looked for a verizon coupon online and I found one as a good deal 50% off and free shipping. I wrote it where it says apply coupons, and it was accepted and the bill went down to $45 something. I was very happy so I accepted and at the end the confirmation note said that the firs bill was going to be

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Points - Coupons? - Verizon Community

So the points are for coupons? I can most of the items I viewed from Amazon for way cheaper. Am I missing something? Surely Verizon wouldn't give us points just to make a huge profit from what we redeem.

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Upgrade Failure - Verizon Community

The offer came through my app on the phone and states: "Upgrade and get $250 off iPhone XR. Eligible on 64BG. Use promo code UPGXR." When you select it, it takes you to the XR 64GIG version but when you get to the end, it rejects your code. I was trying it with the payment option. Tried on the phone app and on the computer, same results.

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Is Verizon's BOGO deal a malicious scam? - Verizon Community

I was an unhappy customer from Sprint, looking for a new carrier. My contract from Sprint expired in March of 2018, and I was paying monthly, outside a two-year contract. In late May to very early June (after happily signing up for Fios), I noticed there were BOGO deals with one of the iPhones, and

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Correct Answer: How do I print photos from my Verizon

Correct Answer: I have a question about my photos in my cloud What are the steps I need to take in order to be able to print out a few photos at a

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