Top 11 Puzzle Ideas For Escape Rooms | Escape Room Tips

These are the most common and flexible escape room puzzle ideas that we’ve seen in our experience doing 60+ escape rooms across the United States and Europe. These ideas are not specific to any particular theme or company, and can be adapted to work well in most rooms. On one end of the spectrum, these puzzle Continue Reading →

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10 Best Escape Rooms in Boston | Escape Room Tips

Booking: (use our referral link for 10% off. we do NOT get any sort of compenstation if you use our referral link.) #3. Clock Tower – Escape the Room Boston. Photo Credit: Escape the Room Boston “Escape the Room” is a comparatively old chain of escape rooms with many locations all over the United States. Clock Tower is

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6 Best Escape Rooms in San Jose | Escape Room Tips

Off the Couch is the most ambitious escape room company in San Jose, with a vast space and plans to bring a lot more games to the South Bay. Excalibur is our favorite of their three rooms currently available. They also have a worthwhile VR game that may be available if you email them about it.

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9 Best Escape Rooms in San Diego | Escape Room Tips

Positives: This game starts off as a speakeasy-themed adventure, but changes set and course somewhat quickly. The game is packed with a large number of puzzles suitable for large groups of beginners, or small groups of enthusiasts. The game flows well.

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10 Best Escape Rooms in Sacramento | Escape Room Tips

Vampire’s Rise – Minervium (Private $30, 4-8p, Davis): This is a treat for puzzlers, with many original science-based puzzles in a homemade set.The puzzle structure is very clean and features plenty for teams to work on. This is a rare 90(!)-minute game, and is a fantastic value for a $30 per person private game.

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18 Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles | Escape Room Tips

Removed: Hangover – 60out has fallen off of the list. 2017 July – Added: Da Vinci’s Challenge and Bloody Elbow by Quest Room, Magic Kingdom by Maze Rooms, Chapter 2 by Evil Genius (combined with Chapter 1), The A.I. and Hour to Kill by Exit Game, and the Mummy Escape Room by SCRAP / Real Escape Game LA.

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9 Best Escape Rooms in San Francisco | Escape Room Tips

ClockWise packs their usual technological tricks and shows off a few new ones (including some neat special effects) in this creepy, atmospheric space packed with fun puzzles. Tips. Expect (fake) gore, lots of creepy decor, and a few unsettling moments. For experienced puzzle solvers, a team size of around 3-4 is ideal (but less experienced

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