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Actived: Wednesday Dec 2, 2020


48 CFR § 552.203-71 - Restriction on Advertising. | CFR

Any advertisement by the Contractor, including price-off coupons, that refers to a military resale activity shall contain the following statement: “This advertisement is neither paid for nor sponsored, in whole or in part, by any element of the United States Government.”

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7 U.S. Code § 2016 - Issuance and use of program benefits

L. 110–246, § 4115(a)(2), inserted heading, substituted “Benefits” for “Coupons”, and struck out before period at end “: Provided further, That eligible households using coupons to purchase food may receive cash in change therefor so long as the cash received does not equal or exceed the value of the lowest coupon denomination

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26 CFR § 1.167(a)-14 - Treatment of certain intangible

Mortgage servicing rights are not depreciable to the extent the rights are stripped coupons under section 1286. (2) Treatment of rights acquired as a pool - (i) In general.

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49 CFR § 192.927 - What are the requirements for using

(ii) Continually monitoring each covered segment where internal corrosion has been identified using techniques such as coupons, UT sensors or electronic probes, periodically drawing off liquids at low points and chemically analyzing the liquids for the presence of corrosion products.

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ANTHONY v. COUNTY OF JASPER. | Supreme Court | US Law

Merwin delivered them during the same month, with the first two coupons cut off, to the Union Savings Bank of St. Louis, for the use of Edward Burgess, a contractor for building the road. In November, Burgess sold them to one Wilson at fifty-five cents on the dollar, and the bank gave them up to the purchaser on his order.

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45 CFR § 156.270 - Termination of coverage or enrollment

(a) General requirement. A QHP issuer may only terminate enrollment in a QHP through the Exchange as permitted by the Exchange in accordance with § 155.430(b) of this subchapter. (See also § 147.106 of this subchapter for termination of coverage.) (b) Termination of coverage or enrollment notice requirement. If a QHP issuer terminates an enrollee's coverage or enrollment in a QHP through the

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NEW YORK, L. E. & W. R. CO. v. WINTER'S ADM'R. | Supreme

4. We think these instructions perfectly correct, and that, upon these points, they embodied substantially the whole law of the case. The gravamen of this action is the wrongful conduct of the conductor who ejected the plaintiff from the train. Whether the plaintiff told nothing but the truth with reference to what occurred on the train between him and the conductor before he was put off and

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18 U.S. Code Chapter 83 - POSTAL SERVICE | U.S. Code | US

§ 1691. Laws governing postal savings § 1692. Foreign mail as United States mail § 1693. Carriage of mail generally § 1694. Carriage of matter out of mail over post routes

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7 CFR § 271.2 - Definitions. | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal

Access device means any card, plate, code, account number, or other means of access that can be used alone, or in conjunction with another access device, to obtain payments, allotments, benefits, money, goods, or other things of value, or that can be used to initiate a transfer of funds under the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended.. Active case means a household which was certified

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26 U.S. Code § 461 - General rule for taxable year of

Except as provided in regulations prescribed by the Secretary, amounts paid to, or credited to the accounts of, depositors or holders of accounts as dividends or interest on their deposits or withdrawable accounts (if such amounts paid or credited are withdrawable on demand subject only to customary notice to withdraw) by a mutual savings bank not having capital stock represented by shares, a

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