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Like student rush and standing room only policies, the TKTS™ ticket booths are a resource you can use to purchase discount tickets on the day of the performance you want to see. (There are some exceptions for weekend matinees.) Established in 1973 for the betterment of theatres and theatregoers alike, TKTS sells unsold tickets on the day of performance for many Broadway shows for 25-50% off

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Coupons in context: discounting prices or decreasing profits?

36 coupons are both offered in coupon booklets along with 37 other competitors’ coupon offerings, and in print adver-38 tisements where competitors’ prices and products are less 39 salient. We develop a contextual framework to show how the 40 presence of prices of the company’s other products, and the ∗ Tel.: +1-510-6431899; fax: 1-510

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NYU Discounts - New York University

offers discounted tickets to movies, theatre, dance, and musical performances in NYC. Additional Faculty Discounts. Discounts are available at many on-campus and off-campus service providers with the NYU ID Card. Recreational activities including admission to local museums and performing arts, reduced-fee memberships at local health clubs, and

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Discounted Tickets

Broadway and Off-Broadway Six Flag Vouchers Movie Pass and Concession Vouchers Discount Finder FAQs Campus Events Group Tickets Ticketing Services ScholasTix— Convenience and Value for the NYU Community!

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Coupon Bonds and Zeroes - New York University

Coupon Bonds and Zeroes 2 Coupon Bonds • In practice, the most common form of debt instrument is a coupon bond. • In the U.S and in many other countries, coupon bonds pay coupons every six months and par value at maturity. • The quoted coupon rate is annualized. That is, if the quoted

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Bonds and the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Pricing

Foundations of Finance: Bonds and the Term Structure of Interest Rates 6 3. Creation of zeros (Stripping) Stripping is the process of spinning off each coupon and principal repayment as a separate zero. Prior to mid-1970’s there was little perceived need for zeros because interest rates were relatively stable.

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01 Coupon Bonds and Zeroes

bonds pay coupons every six months and par value at maturity. • The quoted coupon rate is annualized. That is, if the quoted coupon rate is c, and bond maturity is time T, then each $1 par value (quantity) of the bonds pays out cash flows • For N par value, the bond cash flows are Coupon Bonds c/2 c/2 1 + c/2 0.5 years 1 year T years

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Convexity Bias in the Pricing of Interest Rate Swaps

This paper examines the incorporation of the convexity bias in the pricing of interest rate swaps from 1987 to 1996, for four major swaps markets – USD, GBP, DEM, and JPY. Empirical evidence suggests that swaps were being priced using raw futures prices, unadjusted for convexity, during the early part of the sample period.

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