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Bar codes will track use of gas coupons in Italy - News

NAPLES, Italy — Drivers who abuse gas coupons ought to beware, officials say: Tracking coupon use — and misuse — just became a whole lot easier. Bar codes are now printed on the back of the

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Gas coupon sales in U.K. to end June 1 - News - Stripes

RAF MILDENHALL, England — Military motorists here won’t be able to purchase new coupons to be used for tax-free gas off base as the Air Force prepares to replace its paper gas coupons with an

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Military spouses get hip clip tips from 'Extreme Couponing

So, if you have a $5 off coupon for antacid and the antacid costs only $3.50, you get the item for free plus the $1.50 difference. “That’s the goal right there,” Caesar said.

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Italy fuel coupons get their annual makeover - News - Stripes

Coupons bought before Oct. 1 won’t be redeemable after Sept. 30. People have 90 days to return unused coupons for refunds, at the original purchase price, from outlets where they were bought.

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Deal reached in Germany to replace gas coupon system with

Unused coupons could be turned into AAFES and applied toward a person’s fuel card. Customers could also use the card to pay for fuel at on-post filling stations.

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U.S. military cracking down on gas coupon sales in U.K

The United States is cracking down on gas coupon sales in Britain. As of this month, only sponsors — military members and employees, as opposed to family members — can buy the discount coupons.

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Europe commissaries upgrade with coupon scanning

All commissaries in Europe completed the computer upgrade about two weeks ago.

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New fuel card program in Italy kicks off Jan. 1 - Stripes

Fuel cards will replace the gas-rationing coupons on Jan. 1 for U.S. servicemembers and Defense Department employees throughout Italy. The cards will be more secure, more convenient and less

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AAFES extends gas coupon deadline - News - Stripes

Gas coupons are printed several months in advance of a new fiscal year, but they don’t go into circulation right away, Giuffreda said. 18 others taken off the ship.

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Italy fuel coupons for troops going on sale Wednesday

The coupons will be valid from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2013 — the new fiscal year. Gas and diesel coupons may only be used at AGIP or ENI gas stations. Current coupons are valid through the end

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